Love. Imagination. Freedom. Transformation.

We are a group of Creativity & Transformation Activists whose actions aim to inspire profound personal and social transformation by setting free the pent-up creative energy in all of us.

We believe that a positive, light-hearted and optimistic approach to transformation is urgently needed to overcome the fear of change and the forces of inertia currently blocking the creative forces of our renewal – individually and collectively.

By LIFTING-UP our spirit we can more easily listen to our aspirations, rebuild our confidence and find the courage to take the first steps towards our emerging future.

We lead transformational workshops, organize events and produce short films to:

  • Promote a positive, creative and radical transformation process for individuals and society
  • Help individuals unleash their creative energy to transform their lives and their world
  • Assist organizations in developing the creative abilities of their people

The time has come to radically transform our life, our organisations and our society. As such we need to move on with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose. Fueled with unlimited imagination, a unshakable belief in our capacity to reinvent ourselves.

GO! Transform yourself. Transform your organisation.Transform your world.

Bruno Poirier

LIFT-UP (Love – Imagination – Freedom – Transformation / Unity- Peace)