Real Stories. Visual Poetry. Deep Inspiration.

Accelerating transformation through the power of films.

We believe movies can inspire people to change their lives and can help all of us through the transition phase from the “old structures” to the “new structures”.  Movies are powerful simply because of their capacity to move us and to touch us at a very deep level.

We are modestly getting into filmmaking because we love it, and because it is such a unique medium to inspire change in a positive, intuitive and sensitive way. We aspire to produce inspirational short films (and one day, a feature-length film) that are visually poetic, intensely intimate and profoundly authentic.

Creative Lifestyles – The Portrait Series

What better motivator to change your life than to be the witness of another person’s path to creative freedom? In this “Creative Lifestyle Portrait” series, we are proposing a number of short films that portray the special way in which individuals from all walks of life have built a unique creative life or are in the process of transforming their lives to get there.

These individuals have all had the wisdom to listen to their inner voice and the courage to act accordingly. They show us that it is important to listen to our dreams, to believe in our abilities and to trust Life. I thank them for their boundless generosity and Love:

Creative Lifestyles No 1:  A portrait of Greg Williams: Graphic Designer – Surfer – Free Spirit

Creative Lifestyles No 2: A portrait of L. Koutaissoff: Communication – Ecriture – Mise en Scène (french)

Creative Lifestyles No. 3: A portrait of Anastasia Palmer: Writer – Artist – Storyteller