The Spirit of Innovation

Adopt a creative mindset and discover the fundamentals of creativity.

Too often the creative power of individuals and teams is blocked by unconscious fears, self-imposed limiting beliefs, pre-conceived notions or sheer lack of creative confidence. This 1-day introductory workshop focuses on developing a creative mindset amongst the participants by enhancing positive attitudes, openness to change and confidence in their natural creative abilities.


  • Identify the key obstacles to creative thinking;
  • Rekindle the sense of wonder and explore the power of imaginative thinking;
  • Connect with a higher sense of creative purpose;
  • Acquire the ability to think in spontaneous and intuitive fashion;
  • Identify existing creative abilities and learn to exploit them better.


Any person or team willing to explore their creative potential and learn to tap into it. This workshop aims at helping the participants acquire the proper creative behaviors. As such it is inspiring and dynamic but it doesn’t aim at “solving a problem” or finding a solution to a specific challenge you may have. However, it works on the fundamentals of creative thinking deep in you.


The learning will be dynamic and experiential. A mix of short lectures and demonstrations will introduce key concepts. The participants will leave the workshop feeling refreshed and with a renewed sense of confidence in their own creative abilities.