Power Presentations

Present your ideas in a clear, active and memorable way.

Getting new ideas is great and exhilarating. But we need to sell our ideas to various audiences to get their get the support and commitment. Great presentations that sell ideas are not just about good public speaking. Many presentations fail because the content and the visual aids are poorly conceived at the outset. In this workshop we concentrate on a how to organize and formulate your ideas so that you develop a compelling and inspiring presentation.


  • Learn to formulate active messages to focus the audience’s attention
  • Discover the “pyramid concept” for organising the structure of your presentation
  • Create a fluid storyline using the “argument flow” technique
  • Learn to the visual outline of your presentation
  • Learn to use powerful visuals to get your point across


Any presenter of a simple brief or of a complex proposal to a non-specialist audience wil benefit tangibly from this workshop. The techniques introduced are proven, practical and applicable straight away. The participants will be able to prepare concise, clear and persuasive presentations that lead to results.


This is an active 2-day workshop. The participants practise immediately what they learn by progressively preparing a real work-related presentation of their choice. The work is group-based to maximise the learning and foster collaborative work.