Breakthrough Thinking

Breaking through traditional thinking to achieve breakthrough results!

This 2-day workshop is hands-on, dynamic and stimulating. It offers simple yet powerful ways to improve the participants abilities to generate original and relevant solutions to a given challenge. This workshop will demystify the creative thinking process and give the participants practical tools they can use straight-away in their work.


  • Adopt attitudes and behaviours that support a productive search for ideas and solutions;
  • Understand the creative thinking process and learn to use it effectively;
  • Discover the 5 skills for successful creative thinking;
  • Acquire the ability to use powerful creativity techniques to¬†“think out of the box”;
  • Learn to build Strategic Solutions through a Rapid Prototyping Methodology.


Any individual or group that needs to think of new solutions in a fast-changing environment will benefit greatly from this unique workshop. Whether the participants come from a managerial, technical, scientific, marketing, engineering, financial, logistical, medical or manufacturing background, they will be able to use the techniques introduced in this workshop to find ideas to overcome any type of challenge.


A mix of short lectures and demonstrations will introduce key concepts. The learning will largerly be experiential with the use of case studies, real work-related problems proposed by the participants and various creative experimentations. Discussion between the participants and the sharing of experiences will be encouraged.

To keep the participants involved, we will constantly challenge habits, alternate bewteen various learning methods, explore unexpected ways of thinking and engage in positive provocation.

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