Leadership of Creativity

Learn to build, lead and inspire a Creative Team.

Managers and leaders play a major role in shaping the creative culture of their team. They set the tone for risk taking, establishing the boundaries of innovation efforts and strike the balance between today’s concerns and the need to build the future. This 1-day workshop will introduce the fundamentals of building a creative team and sustaining it over time.


  • Understand how to manage for greater individual and group creativity;
  • See how a risk taking ¬†attitude can be encouraged and developed;
  • Create a creatively “ambidextrous” team;
  • Learn to let go of your need to control and encourage greater creative autonomy;
  • Develop the Spirit of Innovation within your team.


The learning will be dynamic. A mix of short lectures, group discussion and demonstrations will introduce key concepts. Each participant will do a personal action plan to help his or her team become more creative.