Team Meetings

Define purpose and challenges in a creative and visual way.

Meetings in which a team needs to define its purpose, mission and challenges often end-up being boring and unproductive. To add to that, the output of such meetings (a huge number of poorly written flip charts) usually end up in the drawer if not directly in the garbage.

With the use of creative tools (games, drawing and active conversations) the group work is more dynamic and profound. Furthermore, we record the output of the various discussions using our unique Metaphorical Graphic Recording methodology in which the entire output is written on a huge canvas (up to 2,5 meters wide or more than 8 feet wide!) that also use a visual metaphor. This makes the output more memorable, interesting and dynamic. Instead of lots of unrelated flip charts, we have a whole organic picture.

You can see two such examples below. The “flower” was 1.2 meters (4 feet wide) while the “airplane” was 2,5 meters wide (more than 8 feet). Contact us for more information.